Hemp is a lot of things. What is certainly not, is something unknown to man.

It grows almost everywhere on the planet, yet it is the most controversial and demonizing plant ever. But that is the case or whether the misinformation and ignorance , they prevail ?

It seems like everyone has an opinion on cannabis. Some support her , many are afraid of her and most probably know nothing about her.

The cannabis , however, is a plant with a very rich past . You know how the relationship of man with cannabis , lists a whole millennia ? You certainly don’t know it. And it is very reasonable. If you think about how your surroundings treat cannabis, your ignorance is very easily explained .

So let’s take a historical look at the cannabis plant , to see what really applies and if it’s really the ‘devil’s grass’ after all.

Cannabis in antiquity

Ancient Greece

The cannabis and products thereof, used in Ancient Greece , as early as 5 the century BC The most important testimonies about cannabis in ancient times are:

  • H 1 is assigned to Irodotos, which describes how the used and enjoyed the nomadic sex Scythian, between 450 and 420 BC
  • The two is attributed to Democritus, who said that the ancient Greeks drank hemp with wine and myrrh, to create visions.
  • In 3 the testimony, reported by authors Loukilio and Pliny, which describe how to prepare ropes and fabrics from hemp. In the tombs of northern Greece even a rope made of hemp has been found, dating back to 200 BC.
  • In 4 the witness, the doctor Dioscorides, had classified cannabis plants that have medicinal properties, 70 AD


In ancient China , hemp had hundreds of different uses . The use began in China and then spread to the whole of Asia , the Middle East and Africa .

Specifically, in 2737 BC. according to Chinese legend, Emperor Shen Neng was one of the first leaders to designate cannabis tea as a cure for various diseases, including gout , rheumatism and malaria .


In 2000 – 1400 BC. there is a very strong link between India and hemp . Both medically and religiously , spiritually and for recreation . In India, cannabis is mixed with special drinks , which served from simple enjoyment , even for medical purposes .

The most popular of these special drinks called ‘ bhang ‘ and was a mixture of the buds and leaves of cannabis , along with milk , ghee and spices . The ancient Indian writers referred to bhang as one of the five kings of herbs that relieve the stress .

Then, since this drink became more widely alleged that he had the ability to make people happy and could improve the ‘spiritual power’ .

The golden age of hemp

1842 AD

Cannabis is again recommended in British medicine by William O’Shaughnessy , a famous Irish physician. Cannabis popularity grew in Britain and its colonies during the 19th century. Even Queen Victoria used it as it turned out, to relieve the pain of the period .

1850 AD

Cannabis was listed in the US pharmacopoeia list in 1850 and remained there until 1942 . They were given to treat various diseases and diseases, including:

  • Cholera
  • The rabies
  • The guy
  • Dysentery
  • The insanity

1890 AD

The popularity of cannabis began to decline gradually in the United States in the 1890s as cotton became the main crop, replacing cannabis.

1906 AD

In June 1906 , the Food and Drugs Act, known in history as the ‘ Wiley’s Law ‘ , required the labeling of cannabis-containing medicines on their labels. Although hemp made a small comeback in the 1920s , it had begun to make enemies across the country because of its impending ban . And so, it was the beginning of its end.

19th century

Until the mid- 19 th century, cannabis had prevailed in the West , as a French physician, Jacques-Joseph Moreau , found that the plant help to insomnia , to headaches and appetite.

20th century

Although cannabis late to triumph in the United States, in fact, he made the big ” bam” the 20 the century, still used as a medical treatment by some doctors.

Marijuana stop - The ban on cannabis


Medieval – In Greece , cannabis cultivation began in the Middle Ages and continued during the Turkish occupation , but was limited due to successive wars .

1875 AD – 1875 , was the year that became the first substantial and serious, organized cannabis cultivation , which was widespread in the years that followed. But from 1915 to 1919 , war , naval blockade, and the sharp rise in the price of cereals , put an end to its systematic cultivation.

1932 – 1936 AD – At the end of World War I , hemp was a basic agricultural crop and was exported until 1932 . The 1936 was the year of the prohibition of cannabis in Greece , after intense US pressure .

1980 AD – The result of this ban was that Greek cannabis companies were gradually bankrupt , with the last cannabis closed in early 1980 in Corfu .


1930 AD – We could say that the war on cannabis broke out in 1930 . The reason was Harry Jacob Anslinger , the commissioner of the Federal Drug Bureau, who had aimed his life at banning cannabis across the nation for allegedly provoking insanity and crime .


1930 – 1937 AD – The critical years for the worldwide cannabis ban were between 1930 and 1937 . The America was a leading proponent of the ban, as the passion for cannabis there was great .

World Day for the Legalization of Cannabis - Give Weed a Chance

The International Day for the Legalization of cannabis began in 1999 by the US and soon acquired an international character. It is celebrated every year on the first Saturday in May . Its inspiration was American activist Dana Bill , who was one of the pioneers in the fight for legalization of cannabis, with the slogan “Cure and not War on Drugs”.

The 25 countries and cities in the world where cannabis is not considered a drug:

  • ΗUSA (Medical cannabis use is legal in 31 states)
  • North Korea
  • Estonia
  • Brazil
  • Nepal
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • India
  • Peru
  • Czech republic
  • Croatian
  • Jamaica
  • Ecuador
  • Australia
  • Portugal
  • Uruguay
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Czech republic
  • Switzerland
  • Costa Rica

From yesterday to today - The long-awaited legalization of cannabis in Greece

The Greece , almost a century after the ban of the cultivation of cannabis, discovers again the usefulness of spinning / industrial hemp.

Specifically, the Martio tou 2018 , voted in parliament the bill to produce pharmaceutical cannabis , for purely medical purposes.

A joint ministerial decision by the Ministries of Health and Justice and Human Rights , as published in the Government Gazette , legalizes the import and use of cannabis in Greece .

These are really great news and a breath of hope for all those who battle a daily battle with serious illnesses and illnesses. Many have in the past been forced to obtain illicit drugs from abroad or endure the severe side effects of their medications.

However, legal cannabis preparations can now be purchased , which can be used as an alternative form of treatment. So patients will finally be able to find relief from the symptoms of a vast array of diseases and diseases.


As such, Greece is officially included in countries where the supply of medical cannabis to patients in need is legal.