Depending on who you ask, you can get many different answers to the question “How many different types of cannabis actually exist?”

The cannabis , like every other plant in the world, has different species , subspecies and types . The types of hemp can look quite different. Their buds may have different colors , their stems vary in height, and their overall shape may have different widths .

So in this article, we will explore the cannabis species together and identify their differences . If you want to know about the different types of cannabis exist, then continued reading.

The marijuana is scientifically known as the plant of hemp and can be classified into three different types:

  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Cannabis Indica
  • Cannabis Ruderalis

So let’s look at the distinct differences between these 3 types of hemp.

Cannabis Sativa variety


The Cannabis Sativa is probably the most commonly recognized of the three species and is by far the largest plant. It tends to be quite large in size and height , sometimes reaching up to 4.5 meters. This species does not have a particularly dense foliage. Sativa hemp plants have delicate leaves and smooth seeds .


Usually, the variety Sativa takes a relatively long time to flourish . Nevertheless, however, the changes of the solar light do not have such a strong influence on her, as in other types of cannabis. These plants are most commonly found in India , Thailand , Nigeria , Mexico and Colombia .

Foliage characteristics

The variety Sativa is usually a tall plant generally has a more gentle shade of green , in comparison with the other species. Its leaves consist of long , narrow blades . In general, the foliage of a plant Sativa is slightly more dilute than the others.

This allows for greater airflow around and between the plant, resulting in healthier growth and less risk of fungi occurring in tropical climates where it occurs.

Properties of Sativa hemp seeds

The main properties of Sativa hemp seeds are:

  • Anxiolytic
  • Antidepressants
  • Treatment of chronic pain
  • Increased concentration and creativity

Increased serotonin (the neurotransmitter involved in the regulation of learning, mood, sleep, anxiety and appetite)

Cannabis Indica variety

Χαρακτηριστικά φυλλώματος & Ανθοφορία

Typically, the Indica variety is characterized by small , dense broad-leafed plants that have a darker green color. Indica plants come from countries like Pakistan , Afghanistan , Morocco and Tibet . After they start flowering , they will mature within 6 to 8 weeks.

Flowers & Perfumes

The flowers of the Indica variety are thick and dense , rich in flavors and aromas ranging from spicy to sweet and fruity . This variety has by far the most analgesic , soothing and relaxing properties.

Properties of Indica hemp seeds

The main properties of Indica hemp seeds are:

  • Increased mental relaxation
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Reduce nausea
  • Reduction of acute pain
  • Increased appetite
  • Increase in dopamine (the neurotransmitter that helps control the reward and pleasure centers of the brain)

Cannabis Ruderalis variety


The Ruderalis variety is the third type of hemp and is definitely the least mentioned . It is generally a very short plant that does not exceed 50 – 60 cm in height. Just like the Indica species , the Ruderalis variety also has a denser foliage structure .


The main reason this species is so rarely mentioned is because it is used to reproduce with other cannabis species in order to produce specific results. The Cannabis Ruderalis usually there are psychotropic , causing little , and as no psychoactive effects.


Ruderalis has an extremely short flowering season , as it is usually found in the northern climates, where it can withstand many harsh conditions, with moderate frost tolerance . It comes from Central Russia and usually do not have enough time to mature , before the intense cold. This is indeed a factor which explains why the period of flowering of the variety is so fast .


Τα υβρίδια είναι μια τέταρτη κατηγορία στις 3 βασικές που αναφέρθηκαν παραπάνω και συναντάται ολοένα και συχνότερα.

Origin of hybrids

Nowadays, most of the seeds you will find on the market come from a hybrid of some kind. Growers carefully plant the plants to form the best possible hybrids and there is a huge variety of different types of hybrids.

Purpose of their creation

Different hybrids have different advantages depending on the purpose and climate . The ultimate goal of creating hybrids is to combine all the positive attributes of many different seeds into one plant .

Features that distinguish hybrids

It will know if a hybrid is more genetic material from the variety Indica or SAtiva , based on the height , the shape and size of the sheet , the smell , the sense of the tobacco and the chemical equilibrium .

So to keep things simple , just remember that Indica plants are wide and dense , while Sativa plants are tall and thin .

If what you have read attracted the interest and want to know more about the hemp and the beneficial results that can provide the body and the spirit to you, then try today already one of the organic hemp products .

Do not let nature’s greatest gift to your health remain unused.